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Catching Pirates!
James Hinton Private The 79th Cameron Highlanders  at Conway Castle 2023
Brown Bess Musket
On board the Grand Turk at Ostend
Some of the 79th At Conway Castle
Nice view of Conway Castle from our camp site.
Drill Day at Upnor Castle in Kent
1796 Infantry Officers Sword
Trying modern weapons!
Musket display
Cannon at Fort Amherst
Conway Castle
Getting ready for battle.
Slough Fort Open Day 2022
A close up of a 79th water bottle
Playing with the Pirates!
The 79th at Conway Castle
Marching with the 1st Footguards.
Fighting the Smugglers.
Battles for Victory show 2022
Military Odyssey in 2006
Taking a smuggler to jail!
Getting dark Fort Amhurst
Conway Castle
Cameron Highlanders Broach
Resting in the heat!!
Drill Demostation
The Kings Colours
The 79th at Conway.
The Lion Mount at Waterloo Belgium
Our Pioneer
On Guard Duty
We all work together!
Firing out of the lower gun floor.
We start them young!
Chilling out between drill sessions
Eastbourne Redoubt 19/05/2019
Musket ball extraction
Drill training
Fort Napoleon Ostend Belgium
The Sergeant Firing
One of our two assistant surgeons at work
Field Tourniquet
Drill practice
The Battle of Nations 2014
Some of the surgeons tools.
Musket cleaning
Firing display
Chilling Out
Present arms!
Children playing games
Inspection time
Oare Gunpowder Works Faversham Kent
The Scottish at Waterloo Belgium 2015
Standing guard outside Wellingtons tent at Waterloo.
Assistant Surgeon
Childrens Drill
James stealing a French Eagle!
Watching the troops
Camp at Waterloo 2015
Ladies love a man in a kilt!
Tending the fire
2016 at Dover Fort Burgoyne
Waterloo 2015 The 200th anniversary
Rochester Christmas Dickens Weekend
Halloween at Dover Western Heights
Some of the surgeon's work!
Going home
2016 at Dover Fort Burgoyne
Eastbourne Redoubt 2016
Medway River Festival 2015
The Battle of Nations 2014
Resting in the sunshine
Our lads leading the parade
Dinner time
Chilling out
Our colours at Fort Amherst 2007
Childrens drill
Dover Western Heights open weekend
Waterloo 2015
Tolouse 2014
Our piper
Loading the muskets
Some of the Surgeons equipment
Surgery by the 1st Foot Guards
A woman's work is never done
Guard duty at Fort Amherst Chatham
Camp life
Night firing
A picture by Holly 2016
An unusual view of the River Medway
Dover Western Heights 2009
Drill Day at Fort Amherst
Waterloo 2010
In the tunnels at Fort Amherst
Waterloo against the French
On the film set at Ickworth House
Fort Napoleon Ostend 2012
Off to battle at Waterloo
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