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About Us

Our uniforms, some of which we make ourselves and others are made for us, the drill and weapons  are all based on the regiment from the early 1800's up to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
We participate in various re-enactments both in the UK and in Europe, organised by the Napoleonic Association plus other events organised from within by ourselves or by other re-enactment units or localities.

We are proud of our living history which aims to provide an insight into the camp life of a regiment of that period and we were one of the first Napoleonic groups to do this. This aspect of our group provides opportunities to persons who may not want to portray the life a line infantryman, but will still be actively involved in the group using their own unique skills. Our unit caters for every member of the family, whether you would like to be a soldier, partisan, medical staff, a camp follower or a musician, there will always be a place for you within the 79th Cameron Highlanders.
We also have our own Piper but need Drummers, needed for keeping the troops marching to the beat! We welcome any interested musicians, whether they be experienced players or just learning.

If you are interested in joining then please either contact us or at an event come and have a chat, there will always be someone there to have a friendly chat with you


The 79th Cameron Highlanders at Waterloo
The 79th Cameron Highlanders at Tolouse
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